This morning another wolf was spotted in the Netherlands, to be exact in Twente (in the east of the country). The animal was photographed from a truck so that experts could take a look at the apparition. Wolf connoisseurs from Germany and the Netherlands have stated that it is indeed a wolf.

Following the film "Lost in Paradise, the dogs of Curaçao", it was high time to arrange a personal interview with someone who participated in this on location.

"Representatives will be telling if they are asked to indicate that we are dealing differently with these pets in the Netherlands than the practice in Korea turns out to be." The NOC / NSF said this last December in a statement to Dogzine when we asked how it NOC / NSF deals with eating dogs in K

It is a "modern-day-Haatchi story", the story of the German shepherd Capitano. For twelve years the faithful dog lay on the grave of his boss. A few days ago Capitano died while he was still lying on the grave, the shepherd was 15 years old and died of kidney failure.

You may not have noticed it in between all of the Olympic news, but the Netherlands won a gold medal also on the European Championships this weekend.

Last May 119 animals were confisquated in Le Briqueterie; Saarlooswolfdogs, Csech wolfdogs and crosses of the two. Le Briqueterie is a kennel in the French Ardennes, run bu judge Cornelia Keizer.

Shepherds, dogs from FCI group 1, are more often intolerant, causing fighting in the pack. This is one of the findings from a survey survey conducted by Dogzine a few months ago. Also terriers and dogs from group 2 often have serious arguments.

Why do some dogs become aggressive, or do they exhibit aggressive behavior when they are on a leash? Scientists in Washington think they have found the statement: hormones. And with that discovery they pave the way to develop therapies to make a walk for dogs and owners enjoyable again.

Sponsored by the Portuguese Clube Portugues de Canicultura, CPC, the annual meeting of the "Shows commission" of the FCI was held last weekend.

Dogs have an excellent smell, which is generally known. But, how do they "see" in their heads what that scent is, can they really think of a picture? Up to now, science has not been very concerned about this.

Scientists at the University of York have shown that using ‘dog-speak’ to communicate with dogs is important in relationship-building between pet and owner, similar to the way that ‘baby-talk’ is to bonding between a baby and an adult.

The General Secretary of the Kennel Club of Montenegro is heavily under fire on Facebook because the man would have shot a puppy.


Although the number of cases so far is limited, the condition is on the rise. An eye infection in dogs, caused by worms. This specifically concerns Thelazia callipaeda, a worm transmitted by fruit flies (drosophila).

Today is April 1st. Sisters will already have looked at their laces, which were "loose" (known to the older generation in any case, but many April 1 jokes are clearly more thought out.) Also the dog world can not escape "April Fools Day".

Again a dog died during a show, this time the international show of Mulhouse. And again it was the hired handler who seems to have this on his conscience by having the dogs locked up for a long time in a van in the parking lot.

In Morocco, especially in the northern part of the tourist town of Agadir, massive amounts of stray dogs have been shot in recent weeks.

In Belgium, indignation arose after two illegally imported "Pomerians"  were put to sleep by order of the government. The two animals were taken from the Ukraine by a female resident of Mouscron. A local veterinarian has euthanised the dogs under police surveillance.

151 dogs were confiscated yesterday in French-speaking Belgium, in the town of Remicourt. After years of complaints from local residents, but also from animal welfare organizations, the government has finally finally taken action.

Yesterday, on 10th June, mr. Peper judged at the Jahressieger of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV. The weather was lovely, sunny and hot. During this event the judge left his three dogs in his car. At the moment this was found out it was too late for one of the animals.

At a show of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV Judge Peper left some dogs in his car. Because of the warm weather, this was fatal for at least one of the animals.

If you have a dog from a national breed that is officially recognized in another country, you can now register it in the NHSB. To be precise in the Provisional Register.

The autumn exhibition of the Federation Cynologique Luxembourgouise, the show in Luxembourg, will not take place. The Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to allow the Luxembourg Kennel Club to organize the show.

Only a few people in the world of Dutch (and Dachshund) cynology may not have heard it, the confiscation of 150 dachshunds due to neglect of two teckel breeders, at the same address, acting under the kennel names Vliegende Kiep and Wie Anders.

Paris had 21,600, Leipzig had "over than 31,000", and Amsterdam? Yes, the record is broken (yet again), for the World Dog Show 2018 and the Benelux Winner, in total 33,500 dogs have registered. WDS chairman Gerard Jipping said so to Dogzine.

New pioneering research reveals that dogs with undesirable behaviours, such as aggression, running away, fighting, over-excitability or barking, are more likely to die at a younger age.

Kleine hondjes liegen vaker over hun grootte. Dat blijkt uit een net gepubliceerd onderzoek naar de hoogte van het markeerpunt. In normaal Nederlands: kleine hondjes plassen hoger dan hun lichaamslengte om zo groter te lijken, grote honden doen dat veel minder vaak. 

For dog lovers actually no news, but a confirmation what every dog ​​lover already knew. Puppies, born in a 'puppy mill' (or at a large commercial dog farm) start their lives with a decent backlog. A backlog that may no longer be made up.

The Zero Tolerance policy with regard to dogs in cars, which started in Amsterdam during the WDS 2018, will become an international standard. This is what Gerard Jipping and Rafael de Santiago announced during a press conference on the last day of the WDS in Amserdam.

Some people are incorrigible. Because a few days ago the 51-year-old Abdelkrim S. was sentenced by the court in Ypres to a fine of more than 18,000 euros for exploiting illegal dog breeding in the Belgian village Beselare, where last March 91 (some messages say 77) dogs were confiscated.

The conviction of the Dutch breeder and judge (in France) Cornelia Keizer is final. Last October, the French judge sentenced the breeder to a four-month conditional prison sentence for breeding without the proper papers and poor treatment of the dogs.