Germany: No shows for dogs with extreme harmful features

After France and Flanders, Germany is also introducing stricter legislation

Many breeders of brachiocephalic dogs can expect a visit from authorities

As from now the NVWA, Dutch Authorities for Animal Welfare (amongst others)  can use the criteria drawn up by the University of Utrecht at a much more targeted level.

Can a boxer win in working class?

Pure breeds are looked upon very critically these days.

Clotting problem in short muzzled breeds

Recently a publication came online about problems of which the researchers assumed they might occur in short muzzled breeds more often then known.

Ministry is going to interfere with muzzle length

In the world of pug owners and breeders many people disagree about how to breed and what actions to take.The board of the breed association Commedia believes action must be taken because the health

Measuring the pug's baseline

De mopshond. Een uniek hondenras, behorend bij de brachycefale rassen, de kortsnuiten. En over die kortsnuiten is veel te doen.

Stricter rules for breeding brachy dogs

Het zat er al even aan te komen, maar de kogel lijkt nu dan toch door de kerk: er komen strengere regels voor het fokken van honden.

Degenerative myelopathy does not exist with French Bulldogs

This article is written in response to the misinformation and gene pool destructive genetic testing that is currently going on in the French Bulldog breed regarding degenerative myelopathy (DM).