"Mr. Santiago, do your duty and protect the Great Dane. " That's in brief the message in the petition byMaria Gkinala (judge and breeder of Great Danes in Ireland kennel Fainomenon .

Eric van Eck from Moore, Oklahoma, has a very special dog.
This is his story.

The Chodsky Pes or Bohemian shepherd dog is a small shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Neophilia. Chances are you dog that suffers from it. Its in the genes. But no, you do not have to change your breeding actions, because mutts  suffer also from it. Better yet, it's not a disease, but quite ordinary behavior.

In the Netherlands, the undersecretary of economy mr Van Dam has no intentions whatsoever to get the anti-flee pills from Bravecto out of the vet’s shops. That was his statement in response to questions mrs Esther Ouwehand of the Party for the Animals asked. 

Anxious, stressed dogs. For many owners, and the dog self, a big problem. Barking, jumping, restless behavior, even aggressive behavior.  No pleasure for both dogs and owners. Medications are often semi-narcotic, and behavioral training does not always do the job.

The Belgian Kennel Club Saint Hubert has started an investigation into possible falsification of pedigrees with the  Malinois. The KMSH has received a notification that there may be tampered with pedigrees, and will perform some thorough investigation, as the KMSH told Dogzine..

Hundreds of dogs will soon be visiting the vet. Why? Because they are in the dark days before Christmas and have found somewhere  a bowl of chocolate and eaten the whole. In England thousands of cases like this happen each year.

How can owners of dachshunds lower chances for IVDD, the typical type of paralysis in the breed, as much as possible? This question was the main issue in research done after the incidence and risks of this problem, also known as intervertebral disc disease.

The walk with your dog in beautiful, cold and frosty weather will usually cost a lot of extra time. Where your dog normally sniffs for only a few seconds, now it takes a multiple of that time. Each clump of grass seems an inexhaustible source of delicious smells, for your dog anyway.

In the Netherlands the cloning of a pet dog created quite a rumour, in Russia they take things a step further. Police and army will on a much  larger scale use cloned dogs from the South Korean company Sooam Biotech for sniffing dog use.. 

The United Kingdom is currently being rocked by the outbreak of the mysterious disease: Alabama Rot. This disease is named after the US state where it was first diagnosed. Some Greyhounds in Alabama developed a rapid skin irritation and inflammation of the paws and muzzle.

Pure breeds are looked upon very critically these days. Sometimes for good reasons, but at the moment is seems to be standard procedure for the anti pure bred lobby to grab every subject regardless the health of the dogs.

Soon it will be Valentine's Day agian. So why not surprise your best furry friend with these delicious home-made Dog Biscuits.  Click the link for the English version

Flying with your power breed?  Prepare well.  Anyone in possession of a "fighting dog", a dangerous breed, will have to orientate quite well how to transport his dog by plane. Several companies use a variety of different rules, that may differ from breed to breed or look-alike.

Just forty kilometers across the border at Nijmegen you find the German town of Sonsbeck, and there Jos de Bruin from Wolves Unlimited has wolf sanctuary.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has asked Merck to do further investigation to adverse reactions of the chewable flea treatment product Bravecto. EMA insists on a so called “Targeted PSUR” investigation to test the safety of the product.

It has been in existence for two years, but is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, the Epilepsy Pet Tracker, an app for IOS and Android where dog owners can keep track of when, how and how severe their dog suffers from seizures .The app was launched in 2015 during National Epilepsy Week

Many dog breeds have to deal with epilepsy, a disease which is genetically  passed on.

Many owners spay or neuter their dogs, an euphemism for a castration. Sterilization rarely happens in dogs, as in most cases not only the hormonal glands are removed, but also the reproductional organs (the womb and testes) that are necessary for reproduction.

Toddlers are more like dogs than they are like monkeys, a nice introduction, but when it comes to cooperative communication, it is a proven fact. Researchers from the  University of Arizona compared children from 2.5 years old with dogs and chimpanzees.

Are you stressed out, pessimistic? Chances are you dog is it too. The emotional state of people has a profound effect on their dog. Which has been established by researchers at the University of Vienna. There is also a clear difference between male and female dog owners.

Recently a publication came online about problems of which the researchers assumed they might occur in short muzzled breeds more often then known.

For a moment the dog world was relieved.

Both friends and enemies were highly surprised today when a posting done by FCI-president Rafael de Santiago showed up on a Facebook page called StopDogCruelty.

A letter in which both an FCI-judge and the vice-president of the Dutch Kennel club were fiercly charged was sent by the China Kennel Club several months ago. 

People sometimes tend to think lightly on deworming, but it deserves more attention. The sad story of Loulou proves this point. Her owner gave us the permission to share her story.