As from now the NVWA, Dutch Authorities for Animal Welfare (amongst others)  can use the criteria drawn up by the University of Utrecht at a much more targeted level. And, the NVWA says, they will!

The US Food and Commodities Authority, FDA, states in a message that pet owners should be alert to anti-fleas and tick-based pesticides based on isoxazoline. This active substance is mainly used in the chewable tablets that protects the dog for months against fleas, ticks and lice.

Yulin is by far the better known, but South Korea has its own dog festival: BokNal. To be precise Sambok / Boknal, and it is back to "three-day dog-eat feast."

Leptospirosis is known as a core vaccine for many dogs all over the world. They receive their annual jab to protect them against a few serovars of leptospirosis for the next months.

The heavy rains of the past weeks has everywhere created a real snail infestation. Snails with house as without house are in large numbers  present in gardens, fields and so on. The voracity of these snails also focuses on dog poo, and thus the snails are very dangerous.

It is the time of the year: grass spikes! Nasty spikes that come from a wild grass species that grows about everywhere and can cause a lot of misery very quickly in dogs. A spike is a serious problem and should be seen as an emergency.

No longer do family dogs have to stay at home whilst you enjoy your holiday in the sun. Instead your four-legged friend can reserve an oceanfront lounger at the exclusive dog-friendly beach in Crikvenica, Croatia.

"Mr. Santiago, do your duty and protect the Great Dane. " That's in brief the message in the petition byMaria Gkinala (judge and breeder of Great Danes in Ireland kennel Fainomenon .

Eric van Eck from Moore, Oklahoma, has a very special dog.
This is his story.

The Chodsky Pes or Bohemian shepherd dog is a small shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Neophilia. Chances are you dog that suffers from it. Its in the genes. But no, you do not have to change your breeding actions, because mutts  suffer also from it. Better yet, it's not a disease, but quite ordinary behavior.