• Waarom je hond dol is op nieuwe speeltjes
  • Waarom je hond dol is op nieuwe speeltjes
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Why your dog just loves a new toy

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 12:41

Neophilia. Chances are you dog that suffers from it. Its in the genes. But no, you do not have to change your breeding actions, because mutts  suffer also from it. Better yet, it's not a disease, but quite ordinary behavior.

Neophilia simply stands for "the love of new things." And new things is where your dog is crazy about. A new toy has it all. And, something the dog toy industry is very glad to hear, neophilia is "transient,". After some play the toy is no longer new, and the dog is losing  interest. How long a toy is of any interest for the dogi?, Researchers will take an average of about  two-and-a-half minutes.

It was researcher Patricia Kaulfuß which performed the study, almost ten years ago. Seventeen ordinary house dogs -had to pick out a toy in a line-up of three toys. Two toys were already known, the third was new. And indeed, most of the dogs went over and over again to the new toy , more often than on the basis of "coincidence" could be expected.

In another experiment, a few years later,researchers  looked at how long your dog actually showed interest in a toy. Sixteen Labradors, in this case dogs living normally in a kennel, got a toy for about 30 seconds. If the dog began to lose his interest another toy, with a different color and a different scent, was presented. The researchers also varied, time, color, scent, and still the dogs lost interest after 150 seconds or two and a half minutes..

In the same study author Pullen thinks that dogs are particularly fond of soft, chewable toys that preferably also make a sound. It most resembles a prey, and they are generally more popular than the hard toys with your four-legged friend.

But how do you prevent a daiy trip to the petstore?  Again to get a new toy, while the  just purchased toy ends up in some corner of the room? That can be done in several ways. The changing of the smell, for example. Roll the old one through grass, or something else, making it new for your  dog with a new smell. A drop of perfume or other scent also helps. Or hide toys -just as with kids- and give them back after a certain period. And it seems new. And finally, a toy is quite another thing when the boss gets involved in the game, and you will play along with the dog with the toy.

Finally, there are dogs that do have a particular favorite, dragging it along all day, sleeping with itA love that can last a lifetime


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