• Hond sterft na 12 jaar op graf van baas
  • Hond sterft na 12 jaar op graf van baas
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Dog dies after guarding his bosses grave for 12 years

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 16:48

It is a "modern-day-Haatchi story", the story of the German shepherd Capitano. For twelve years the faithful dog lay on the grave of his boss. A few days ago Capitano died while he was still lying on the grave, the shepherd was 15 years old and died of kidney failure. The whole event took place in Villa Carlos Paz, in the center of Argentina.

The owner, Miguel Guzman, bought the dog in 2005 as a gift for his then 13-year-old son. Unfortunately, Miguel himself could not enjoy the dog for long, because in March 2006 the man died suddenly. During the funeral the family discovered that Capitano had disappeared.

When the family went to the grave a week later, Capitano suddenly arrived, loudly barking and squeaking. The widow described it as "crying". How the dog found the cemetery remains a mystery, he had never been there before. And certainly how he found the grave of his owner. In the evening the dog went to the house of the family, but disappeared again in the direction of the cemetery when the night fell, as if he did not want to leave his boss alone at night.

Since then, the dog stayed in the cemetery. During the day he occasionally walked around, but every night he lay faithfully on the grave, at 6 o'clock exactly. The staff of the cemetery cared for the dog and fed him. Attempts by the owners to take the dog home with him, always ended up walking back to the cemetery.

Four years ago a severe kidney disease was diagnosed. It was decided not to operate the dog, for fear that he would die during the operation, far away from his self-chosen place. Now, after four years, the dog is reunited with his boss.

Where the dog is buried is still unclear, some want his ashes to be buried in the grave of his boss, others want to erect a monument with his ashes. For the time being, an animal organization is responsible for its remains.