• Amsterdam 2018 breekt alle records
  • Amsterdam 2018 breekt alle records
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Amsterdam 2018 breaks all records

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 14:02

Paris had 21,600, Leipzig had "over than 31,000", and Amsterdam? Yes, the record is broken (yet again), for the World Dog Show 2018 and the Benelux Winner, in total 33,500 dogs have registered. WDS chairman Gerard Jipping said so to Dogzine. And so Amsterdam 2018 is ahead of Leipzig, Paris but also of the Crufts, always a well-attended show.

Last night, 11 July at midnight, the entry for the WDS closed, on 29 June the Benelux Winner closed, because the maximum number of dogs had been reached. The World Dog Show will this year be from 9 August (Benelux Winner) until 12 August (WDS and specialties) and the event will take place in the RAI at Amsterdam. Since there will be so many people and dogs, there will be special parking options offered, because it will next tot impossible for common visitors to park next to the RAI buildings. Parking spaces next to the RAI are just allowed for participants, the special parking places for campers are already full.

After several incidents happening abroad the organization also announced they will be even more strict strict on animal welfare then usual. Collars with spikes on the inside are illegal in the Netherlands and will also be prohibited for foreign visitors. There will be a special team that is cooperating with the Amsterdam Police Force  to check on cars and possibly dogs being left in there. The FCI has already announced that there will be actions taken in the future at shows since  animal welfare may be at risk.

With over 33,000 dogs, Amsterdam is a beautiful, perhaps a bit crowded, dog party. Dogzine will of course be available for 4 days.