• Aanklacht China Kennel Union is "misverstand"
  • Aanklacht China Kennel Union is "misverstand"
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Accusation China Kennel Union is "misunderstanding"

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 13:56

A letter in which both an FCI-judge and the vice-president of the Dutch Kennel club were fiercly charged was sent by the China Kennel Club several months ago. 

They sent it to the Singapore Kennel Club. Judge Stanley Shen and the vice-president of the “Dutch Kenel Association”, whom was not mentioned by name, were said to be joining forces to sabotage all the work and preparations done for the World Dog Show 2019 in China. The charge claimed it to be a “badly effect” on the CKU and even on the solidarity inside Asia and the Pacific Section of the FCI. Dogzine was sent the letter through sources in Asia. But the Dutch Kennel Club states this all to be “a huge misunderstanding”. The Dutch Kennel Club considers this reply sufficient and the case settled; no further official announcements.

In Singapore judge Stanley Shen did defend himself against the board of the Singapore Kennel Club. Shen is one of the very few judges to join the combatants in their fight against the dog slaughterings and is active mainly in Cambodja. Some years ago Shen already was severely criticized because he disagreed openly on social media with the president of the Asian section, Augusto Benedicto Santos III, better known as Dinky S. Santos. Mr. Santos is also the president of the Filipino Kennel Club. Santos intended to blacklist all judges who criticizes the World Dog Show 2019 and intended to make that blacklist valid worldwide. To be more specific, Shen was invited to judge in Tagtaytay City in 2015, but within 24 hours after receiving the invitation was told the invitation had been cancelled again. The organization also let mr. Shen know the cancellation was done under pressure of the Filipino Canine Club Inc., under the chairmanship of mr. Santos. Santos wrote about anti-China judges:  “Let’s make a list of the 'hater' judges and not have them over to judge”.

In his defense Shen let the Singapore Kennel Club know that: " I clarified that while I spread awareness of the Dog Meat Trade (in China and elsewhere), promote the effort of local Chinese activists and have also gone to China to help these dogs, I have at no time hindered the work of CKU (in fact, I am not entirely aware of the extent of their work regarding the DMT)."

China as a location for the World Dog Show has been a hot topic for some time now. England, who is not an FCI-member, called out for the FCI-members to boycott China 2019 and Norway, who is a member, joint this boycott. Other countries, like Sweden and Australia, are extremely critical but so far haven’t called for a boycott yet.

The Dutch Kennel Club was aloof at first but changed its opinion June 2016, and a proposal of breed club Nippon Inu and NVVBS (Swiss White Shepherd) was accepted on the members meeting. The Dutch Kennel Club states they abominate the treatment and consumption of dogs in the several provinces in China. They do want to give the Chinese Kennel Club (CKU) the opportunity to fight for the wellbeing of dogs in all provinces of China and to do so together with FCI. The CKU is given time for this until the General Meeting of the FCI, which will take place in November 2017. If at that moment it is clear not enough changes took place, the Dutch Kennel Club will plead for withdrawal of the permission for the WDS 2019 to be in China. The Dutch Kennel Club will also call out to both members and judges to “seriously reconsider participation in China.”

The General Meeting of the FCI is due soon but from China little is heard yet about improvements of the circumstances. “Yulin” started on june 21,, with no change of approach and no legislation whatsoever. Dozine tried to get comments from CKU and its subsidiary CSAPA (China Small Animal Protection Association) over and over but the answer still is silence.Apparently now CKU finally did respond to questions asked by the Dutch Kennel Club about the letter sent. Whether this response was written or spoken is not known. It is also unknown is the “misunderstanding”  concerned the still unnamed “vice-president” or maybe more than just him. The word goes there was an email sent by the Dutch Kennel Club about CKU sending apologies to mr. John Wauben. Mr. Shen however hasn’t heard yet from either the Singapore Kennel Club or the CKU so he still doesn’t know yet if the misunderstanding also concerned him: "I have not received an update from CKU on this matter. Their complaint against me instigating a suspension or ban on me is worded very strongly accompanied by allegations that they have been unable to prove. If it turns out that CKU has caused a misunderstanding, then it would be reasonable to expect an apology from them (to me)." Dogzine also asked the Singapore Kennel Club to comment on this matter but so far no responses.

The FCI updated through president De Clerq by stating there will be no reaction or comment on this matter. "The FCI does not wish to make any comment on this issue.  Should there be any official reaction it will be communicated to the members concerned  i.e the China kennel union and/or Dutch kennel club".

On the upcoming Members Meeting of the Dutch Kennel Club China 2019 is on the agenda yet again. Maybe by than we will hear more about the progress, or the lack of it, in the China situation. How and if this will influence the WDS being organized in China remains to be seen. It seems the FCI has made more active steps with StopDogCruelty, although nobody knows how active that will turn out. It will not be until than before we know if the so swiftly spoken words of president de Santiago will be empty words, or maybe prelude a change: "Just one week before the Yulin Festival, we all need to be proactive and move on with an awareness campaign. We have to remain sensitive to the animal cause.(...)  The future of animal welfare in China depends on a change of attitude in the country.

I really hope you can all, in the near future, share all the content from this blog to STOP DOG CRUELTY in our world. I believe that all together, we can change consciences!