• De Santiago nog twee jaar voorzitter FCI
  • De Santiago nog twee jaar voorzitter FCI
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De Santiago re-elected President of the FCI

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 13:45

For the third time, Rafael de Santiago has been elected unanimously as President of the Federation Cynologique International, the FCI. The Puerto Rico Kennel club made that public a few hours ago. De Santiago, from Puerto Rico, remains the president of the largest cynological organ untill 2019.

The voting with the FCI is usual secret. Initially, the presidency was about to transfer to a new candidate, but it seems the FCI has chosen otherwise, although further details are still missing.
Jipping, Molinari and Jackel are all re-elected by the board. That means that the three new candidates, Kluzniece, Stefanescu and Kazlauskaite, do not get a seat on the board.

The "own" kennel organization of Puerto Rico is proud that De Santiago has been re-elected. In 2013 he was the first non-European president of the FCI ever.
Rafael de Santiago has been the All-Breed Judge since 1984. Since 1999 he is president of Puerto Rico Kennel Club. Under the kennel name "Radesa" he co-operates with Roberto Velez Pico, also a judge and FCI deputy, in breeding Afghan dogs, Briards, Scottish Deerhounds and Lakeland Terriers. His first international performance on a dogshow was in China in 2006. In Portugal he was judge at the Dog of the Year Show.

His daily work is in advertising De Santiago develops with his company Imagen corporate campaigns for Bausch & Lomb, Danosa, Abbott Laboratories, Marshalls and AT & T.

It is speculating what route the FCI is taking now, but it is likely that a consolidation of the route taken is chosen. The Santiago is not undisputed, especially because of the the choice for China as host for the World Dog Show, but also the proposals for limiting the free speech by affiliated countries got a lot of negative attention.