• Minister verbiedt Najaarsshow Luxemburg
  • Minister verbiedt Najaarsshow Luxemburg
  • Minister verbiedt Najaarsshow Luxemburg
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Ministry of Agriculture forbids Autumn Dogshow in Luxembourg

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 16:06

The autumn exhibition of the Federation Cynologique Luxembourgouise, the show in Luxembourg, will not take place. The Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to allow the Luxembourg Kennel Club to organize the show.

Why the 97th edition of the show should not be organized is not clear. Last year there was a lot to do around the show when a handler negligently left several dogs in the car, and several dogs died. During the spring show there was a lot of extra surveillance, and there were no major incidents.

The Kennelcub has received no explanation from the minister why the show may not go ahead, the chairman tells us by telephone. How and what this will mean for future shows in the Grand Duchy is also unknown. But, says a clearly emotional chairman: "This is very bad, and we owe this all to irresponsible exhibitors who leave their dogs in the car". He also expects such prohibitions to follow in other countries too soon if exhibitors are not concerned about the well-being of their dogs.
Dogzine naturally also asked the ministry for further explanation. We update the article as soon as we know more.