• Opnieuw hond overleden op parkeerplaats hondenshow
  • Opnieuw hond overleden op parkeerplaats hondenshow
  • Opnieuw hond overleden op parkeerplaats hondenshow
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And again a dog dies on the parking in front of the dogshow

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 16:21

Again a dog died during a show, this time the international show of Mulhouse. And again it was the hired handler who seems to have this on his conscience by having the dogs locked up for a long time in a van in the parking lot. After previous dramas in Luxembourg, among other things, it seems time to introduce measures taken there, extra surveillance in the car parks, also at other shows. Finally, the warm weather is coming.

"Yes, it should have been a party for us. A party. Then the tragedy ... Nougatine ... every variety of a dog is a tragedy for me for us. You can notice the anger and grief on social media. I can not talk about it and all those feelings stay in me and eat me up. For me ... it's the facts ... not my feelings ... but the facts ... that's my role ... and that's not easy. But we have to respect the rules and any clumsiness of mine can have consequences ... that's why I am now silent ... "says Marc Meyer, president of the Canine Territorial Association Haut-Rhin, who responds to the event on Facebook.

It is the owner of the Boston Terrier who puts the message on Facebook, Maryline Mutin. "Rest softly with little Nougatine, my little cork full of life ... You did not deserve to die like that without someone to help you, locked in your handler's truck. Because during the whole exhibition it is much easier to leave the dogs in the truck and pick them up at the last minute !!!! I do not dare to imagine your pain, my little Nougatine, the pain you have had to endure and I am very angry that I sent you to death. I had warned you on Friday when you left, do not put four Boston Terriers in the same cage. I will always remember you, my little Nougatine. "

A witness, the breeder of the dog, would present Nougatine and arrived at Mulhouse around 1 pm and went to the handler who had taken the dog to pick her up. To her great surprise, the handler then walked out to his van. In Mulhouse it was over 25 degrees and sunny that day. After the handler had opened the back door, the breeder saw, to her horror, four Boston Terriers in a bench, stacked and under the blood. The handler could only open the bench and remove the dead body of Nougatine.
"I do not think anymore. I immediately took her in my hands and I try to get her back. Heart massage, water, finger in her mouth. I tried everything, but she was gone. Her hair hung out, her eyes were glassy. Her body was limp. She was only 8 months old. She died in the dark of that van, screaming with fear. "This is how breeder and witness Brigitte Muller describes the incident. People around the van had heard the screaming and barking, but the bus was locked and the handler could not find them anywhere. According to bystander it smelled awful in the bus, and it was a filthy mess.

An alert veterinarian could do little more than record death, but had to take care of the other bitches too, who were totally apathetic and covered in blood. The handler wanted nothing more than to leave as quickly as possible, and grabbed the dead boston Terrier in a towel and put her between the other dogs in the back, there was no room in the front. He left without saying a word. It would be the handling duo Alexis B. and Laura D. of a French handling company. The Facebook pages of both the company and the people are now closed.

Dogzine has asked both the owner, the organization and the SCC whether further steps will be taken against the handler, and whether there will be more control at the parking lots at shows as in Luxembourg. We have not yet received a response.