Another wolf was spotted in the Netherlands

This morning another wolf was spotted in the Netherlands, to be exact in Twente (in the east of the country).

Lost in paradise, the Dogs of Curaçao: the true story behind the film

Following the film "Lost in Paradise, the dogs of Curaçao", it was high time to arrange a personal interview with someone who participated in this on location.

Dutch Olympic comite apologises for Dog Meat Trade remarks of Dutch ice scater

"Representatives will be telling if they are asked to indicate that we are dealing differently with these pets in the Netherlands than the practice in Korea turns out to be." The NOC / NSF said thi

Dog dies after guarding his bosses grave for 12 years

It is a "modern-day-Haatchi story", the story of the German shepherd Capitano. For twelve years the faithful dog lay on the grave of his boss.

Unlucky shot or attempt to murder puppy?

The General Secretary of the Kennel Club of Montenegro is heavily under fire on Facebook because the man would have shot a puppy.


April fools Day, the best yokes worldwide

Today is April 1st.

And again a dog dies on the parking in front of the dogshow

Again a dog died during a show, this time the international show of Mulhouse.

Hundreds of dogs massacred in Morocco for World Championship Soccer candidacy 2016

In Morocco, especially in the northern part of the tourist town of Agadir, massive amounts of stray dogs have been shot in recent weeks.

Illegaly imported dogs put to sleep in Belgium

In Belgium, indignation arose after two illegally imported "Pomerians"  were put to sleep by order of the government. The two animals were taken from the Ukraine by a female resident of Mouscron.

Dutch Kennel club recognises National Breeds from all over the world

If you have a dog from a national breed that is officially recognized in another country, you can now register it in the NHSB. To be precise in the Provisional Register.

Dogabuser gets sentenced in Flandres, but starts shelter in Wallonia

Some people are incorrigible. Because a few days ago the 51-year-old Abdelkrim S.

Conviction of Breeder of Saarloos Wolfdogs in France now final

The conviction of the Dutch breeder and judge (in France) Cornelia Keizer is final.

Dogs can learn to stand heat

Heatstroke,  a phenomenon that means one gets ill because of exposure to heat. It has been known for centuries, but how does it works fysically was by no means clear.

Dutch Kennelclub will not attend in China

The Dutch Kennelclub does not participate in the FCI General member’s meeting in Shanghai, China. This was announced by the Vice-President of the Board, mr.

Martha is officially the ugliest ...

In the United States the annual freak festival has been held again, the election of the ugliest dog in the world.