• Raad van Beheer niet naar FCI-vergadering in China
  • Raad van Beheer niet naar FCI-vergadering in China
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Dutch Kennelclub will not attend in China

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 22:30

The Dutch Kennelclub does not participate in the FCI General member’s meeting in Shanghai, China. This was announced by the Vice-President of the Board, mr. Albert Hensema, during the New Year's meeting of the Kennelclub in Woudenberg today. Hensema replaced president Jack Alberts, who was absent because of illness. The members of the Kennelclub had previously asked the board to discourage going to China, the board then made a statement: "At this moment the Dutch Kennelclub appeals to the conscience of judges, exhibitors and handlers and we all recommend to think very carefully about participating in and accepting judging invitations for the WDS 2019."

The Board now considers it inappropriate to take part in the FCI's General Assembly in Shanghai, which is traditionally held during a World Dog Show (every other year). And so the Dutch decided to stay at home this time. Later this week, the Dutch Kennelclub will inform the FCI about the decision on absence. The announcement was welcomed with applause.

Furthermore, Hensema said that the number of pedigree dogs born in 2018 has decreased compared to the previous years. Something that the Kennelclub is worried about, because the demand for a pedigree dog has actually increased. The coming year will therefore be used to support breeders, where necessary, to prevent a further decline.

Later, the vice-chairman also briefly referred to the notorious case of the dachshund breeders from Woerden. Adjustments in disciplinary law did not make it in the member’s meeting last year, and will be reviewed later this year.

Hensema also mentioned the World Dog Show, and all the commotion around it. Especially the position of Amsterdam to no longer allow dog shows. But, as the vice-president pointed out, during the WDS we were able to show the world that we do all we can to assure animal welfare, even though it is sometimes difficult, especially with foreign exhibitors from countries where welfare is not considered as important as we do. There is good and constructive deliberation with the minister about these issues, and Dutch cynology can show that animal welfare is first priority.

Very soon the Kennelclub will also announce how things will continue with the Winner Show. Last month, after 128 years, this show said farewell to Amsterdam and the RAI. And according tot he Kennelclub another good thing is recognition of the nationally recognized breeds (in other countries). We dare say 2018 was a turbulent year.