• Martha is officially the ugliest ...
  • Martha est officiellement la plus laide ...
  • Martha is officieel de lelijkste...
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Martha is officially the ugliest ...

Sun, 07/14/2019 - 20:29

In the United States the annual freak festival has been held again, the election of the ugliest dog in the world. No naked dogs or blind chihuahua's this time, a three-year-old Mastino Napoletano female went ironing with the - somewhat questionable - honor and went home with 1500 dollars. And don't forget the one and a half meter high cup and the huge media attention.

Martha, Miss Ugliest Dog 2017, all cared very little. With the resignation that sometimes typifies large dogs, she not only underwent the competition, but also the prize ceremonies.

Martha is an adoption dog, and her appearance was partly caused by all kinds of operations that she had to undergo in order to be able to see normally again, her owner Shirley Zindler told the assembled press. Martha comes from AnimaldogandRescue, who also get the 1500 dollars.

The competition was fierce, although it mainly concerned smaller dogs. A total of 13 dogs participated in the competition. But Martha, 56 kg on the hook, was ultimately the ugliest, according to the jury.

Second was a 16-year-old Griffon Bruxellois, named Moe, who had become both deaf and blind. Moe, the Griffon, was also the oldest participant. A 14-year-old Chinese dog, named Chase, finished third.

The good thing about the competition is the goal, to draw attention to the (forgotten) adoption dogs in American shelters. Martha is now on her way from studio performance to studio performance, at least her eternal fame awaits her.