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FCI Show-commission has a new board

Adrian Landarte (Uruguay)

Sponsored by the Portuguese Clube Portugues de Canicultura, CPC, the annual meeting of the "Shows commission" of the FCI was held last weekend. Affiliated countries sent their representative to this meeting in the Algarve, in the tourist resort of Vilamoura.The chairman of the CPC and also vice-chairman of the FCI, Carla molinari, did the opening speech.

According to the Spanish cynology magazine "Cynologies, el mundo do perro", the meetings, three in total, took place in a good atmosphere and were very productive. A number of proposals to submit later to the FCI General Assembly would have been prepared.

In addition, the board of the committee was elected again. Chairman from now on is Adrian Landarte from Uruguay, Laurent Pichard from Switzerland is vice-chairman and Anne Mari Class from France was elected secretary. John Wauben, so far chairman, was thanked for his magnificent work for the committee, according to Cynologies.



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