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Getting undressed, picking something up when you drop it or even just grabbing your shoes from the floor. They’re things many of us do without thinking. They’re part of daily routine.

The OFA has made a list of all dog breeds. On this list is a ranking system to see how many hipdysplasia presents itself in a breed. There are 173 breeds on this list.

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In lack of a good independent document to document the physical exam I made a protocol of my own.

A few months have passed since I was looking for a puppy. A French Bulldog puppy to be precise.  The Idea to breed was already there. If the girl was healthy inside and out of course.

‘Would you be interested in a weekly column for a new digital dog magazine?’ I am looking at the message on my screen. ‘What, me?’ I wonder myself instantly. This is also what I write back.