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Both friends and enemies were highly surprised today when a posting done by FCI-president Rafael de Santiago showed up on a Facebook page called

For a moment the dog world was relieved. "Yulin", known for the cruel slaughtermethods and the "Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival", put a ban on dog meat.

Just forty kilometers across the border at Nijmegen you find the German town of Sonsbeck, and there Jos de Bruin from Wolves Unlimited has wolf sanctuary.

Flying with your power breed?  Prepare well.  Anyone in possession of a "fighting dog", a dangerous breed, will have to orientate quite well how to transport his dog by plane.

Soon it will be Valentine's Day agian. So why not surprise your best furry friend with these delicious home-made Dog Biscuits.  Click the link for the English version

A story for Christmas

We can’t authenticate this folk tale because like most folk tales, it was passed along only by word of mouth from one generation to the next

An icon is no more ... 

On Sunday, 11th December 2016 Henny van den Berg, judge and breeder to the core, has died. An enormous loss for the dog world.

In the Netherlands the cloning of a pet dog created quite a rumour, in Russia they take things a step further. Police and army will on a much  larger scale use cloned dogs from the South Korean company Sooam Biotech for sniffing dog use.

The walk with your dog in beautiful, cold and frosty weather will usually cost a lot of extra time. Where your dog normally sniffs for only a few seconds, now it takes a multiple of that time.

The Belgian Kennel Club Saint Hubert has started an investigation into possible falsification of pedigrees with the  Malinois.

Eric van Eck from Moore, Oklahoma, has a very special dog.
This is his story.

In the Belgian capital of Brussels the European Dog Show has started, with on Friday, today, the FCI groups 1,6,7 and 8, on Saturday the groups 5,9 and 10 and on Sunday, the groups 2,3 and 4, and t

You may have missed it this morning, but today, August 26, is National Dog Day (in the USA).

In the Indian state of Kerala a 65-year-old woman attacked was by a large pack of over 100 stray dogs and torn apart before the eyes of her son.