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The jumping of a dog is a universal problem. Those who browse the internet soon see a lot of good-looking advice to repress it.

Are you stressed out, pessimistic? Chances are you dog is it too. The emotional state of people has a profound effect on their dog.

Toddlers are more like dogs than they are like monkeys, a nice introduction, but when it comes to cooperative communication, it is a proven fact.

Many owners spay or neuter their dogs, an euphemism for a castration.

The walk with your dog in beautiful, cold and frosty weather will usually cost a lot of extra time. Where your dog normally sniffs for only a few seconds, now it takes a multiple of that time.

Eric van Eck from Moore, Oklahoma, has a very special dog.
This is his story.

Neophilia. Chances are you dog that suffers from it. Its in the genes. But no, you do not have to change your breeding actions, because mutts  suffer also from it. Better yet, it's not a disease, but quite ordinary behavior.

Anxious, stressed dogs. For many owners, and the dog self, a big problem. Barking, jumping, restless behavior, even aggressive behavior.  No pleasure for both dogs and owners.

For those with a troubled memory, your dog  could bring outcome. At least, according to a survey by Patrizia Piotti in PlosOne. Dogs seem to understand where we have put something valuable.

Owners of docked dogs are aggressive and narcissistic, and docked dogs themselves are aggressive. That at least is the view of the average American.

Just like humans, dogs are more susceptible the development of cancer when they have more stress. according to a pilot study by the University of Milan together with the University of Portsmouth.

Dogs cuddling, do not do it! An article in "Psychology Today" by Stanley Coren written on April 16 this year said. The international press loved it.

Rapid Facial Mimicry (RFM) is known in science as an automatic response to mimic physical gestures and facial expressions to interact with others.