Flying with your power breed?  Prepare well.  Anyone in possession of a "fighting dog", a dangerous breed, will have to orientate quite well how to transport his dog by plane. Several companies use a variety of different rules, that may differ from breed to breed or look-alike.

Just forty kilometers across the border at Nijmegen you find the German town of Sonsbeck, and there Jos de Bruin from Wolves Unlimited has wolf sanctuary.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has asked Merck to do further investigation to adverse reactions of the chewable flea treatment product Bravecto. EMA insists on a so called “Targeted PSUR” investigation to test the safety of the product.

It has been in existence for two years, but is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, the Epilepsy Pet Tracker, an app for IOS and Android where dog owners can keep track of when, how and how severe their dog suffers from seizures .The app was launched in 2015 during National Epilepsy Week

Many dog breeds have to deal with epilepsy, a disease which is genetically  passed on.

Many owners spay or neuter their dogs, an euphemism for a castration. Sterilization rarely happens in dogs, as in most cases not only the hormonal glands are removed, but also the reproductional organs (the womb and testes) that are necessary for reproduction.

Toddlers are more like dogs than they are like monkeys, a nice introduction, but when it comes to cooperative communication, it is a proven fact. Researchers from the  University of Arizona compared children from 2.5 years old with dogs and chimpanzees.

Are you stressed out, pessimistic? Chances are you dog is it too. The emotional state of people has a profound effect on their dog. Which has been established by researchers at the University of Vienna. There is also a clear difference between male and female dog owners.

Recently a publication came online about problems of which the researchers assumed they might occur in short muzzled breeds more often then known.

For a moment the dog world was relieved.

Both friends and enemies were highly surprised today when a posting done by FCI-president Rafael de Santiago showed up on a Facebook page called StopDogCruelty.

A letter in which both an FCI-judge and the vice-president of the Dutch Kennel club were fiercly charged was sent by the China Kennel Club several months ago. 

People sometimes tend to think lightly on deworming, but it deserves more attention. The sad story of Loulou proves this point. Her owner gave us the permission to share her story.

A French court sentenced the Dutch breeder and judge Cornelia Keizer to 4 months imprisonment. According to the ruling, Emperor would have been guilty of both breeding wolf dogs without the correct papers,and maltreatment of the dogs.

The jumping of a dog is a universal problem. Those who browse the internet soon see a lot of good-looking advice to repress it. But meanwhile, research has also been done on factors that influence "jump behavior".

A Markiesje was recently sired by a Powderpuff, also known as a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. That gave quite a few comments on the social media. Why did the breeders do this? The Markiesje is a Dutch breed whose studbooks are still open.

Can the Kennel Club of Hong Kong remain a member of the FCI or not, and is the China Kennel Union legitimately admitted as a member of the FCI?  

“She is famous in the world of Saarloos wolfhonden and a well known name in the French and European cynology.” (Cornelia is) more than just a breeder, she is an artist who continuously improves the breed with both the eye of a painter and that of an engineer. Her first priority is structure.

For the third time, Rafael de Santiago has been elected unanimously as President of the Federation Cynologique International, the FCI. The Puerto Rico Kennel club made that public a few hours ago.

Today was the second day of the General Assembly, the General Assembly of the FCI. Almost by tradition it takes a while before the outcome becomes clear, but  slowly there are messages about the decisions.

Dogs are color blind, and can not distinguish between red and green. In other words, if you throw a red ball in a green field, dogs have trouble finding them. This is evident from today's published research.

With over 33,000 entries and about 70,000 visitors Leipzig was the largest World Dog Show ever. An extensive report will be published in Dogzine number 5.

Herpes belongs to a group of viruses we know only too well. It is a so-called DNA virus, which means that it is not actually alive but a "chunk" of DNA that can penetrate into the nucleus of certain cells and remain present for life. Several variants of it are known.

The Hong Kong Kennel club is furious at the FCI, after the international kynological association made public that it has removed Hong Kong with immediate effect not only from the list of member-kennelclubs, but also immediately blocked the access to the private section for members on the website

A big dog breeder from Belgium, Rudy Guedens, is not getting government approaval for expanding his puppymill. His application to start a dog breeding company in Lummen was rejected for the second time.

A lot is said about the bond between man and dog. Possibly the two most connected animal species. A band that has been going back for a long time, because dogs and people have been living together for a long time.

Give your dog a warm seat at  elderlyage, and let them sleep peacefully day in and day out. It is possible, but for him that is not the best. Because - just like with people - it helps him to slow mental decline by doing brain training.

Not only humans but also dogs can become infected with tularemia, a life-threatening disease for rabbits or rodents. The disease is more known here as the hare plague.

Coughing, sneezing, red eyes, running noses until total asthma attacks. Because of the presence of a dog.
One in ten people has an allergy to dogs to a greater or lesser extent. Some of them still want a dog to be part of the family. For fun, for sports or as a buddy in difficult times.

In many EU countries the law provides rules for so-called “high risk dogs”, aka powerbreeds. Anyone thinking his or her country has strict rules may want to look abroad to realize it may not be so bad after all. For example Spain is taking care of these dogs with fairly harsh rules.