Vaccination for leptospirosis: is the vaccin more lethal than the disease?

Leptospirosis is known as a core vaccine for many dogs all over the world. They receive their annual jab to protect them against a few serovars of leptospirosis for the next months.

Trubel, the deaf therapy dog

Eric van Eck from Moore, Oklahoma, has a very special dog.
This is his story.

Why your dog just loves a new toy

Neophilia. Chances are you dog that suffers from it. Its in the genes.

Why your dog keeps sniffing in cold weather

The walk with your dog in beautiful, cold and frosty weather will usually cost a lot of extra time. Where your dog normally sniffs for only a few seconds, now it takes a multiple of that time.

A day at the wolves, a fairytale demasqued

Just forty kilometers across the border at Nijmegen you find the German town of Sonsbeck, and there Jos de Bruin from Wolves Unlimited has wolf sanctuary.

Dogs and toddlers, socially they are a lot alike

Toddlers are more like dogs than they are like monkeys, a nice introduction, but when it comes to cooperative communication, it is a proven fact.

Why dogs jump...

The jumping of a dog is a universal problem. Those who browse the internet soon see a lot of good-looking advice to repress it.

Why dog trainers should not wear red..

Dogs are color blind, and can not distinguish between red and green. In other words, if you throw a red ball in a green field, dogs have trouble finding them.

Shepherd dogs more often fight amongst each other

Shepherds, dogs from FCI group 1, are more often intolerant, causing fighting in the pack. This is one of the findings from a survey survey conducted by Dogzine a few months ago.

Agression likely caused by hormones

Why do some dogs become aggressive, or do they exhibit aggressive behavior when they are on a leash? Scientists in Washington think they have found the statement: hormones.

A dog "sees" what he smells

Dogs have an excellent smell, which is generally known. But, how do they "see" in their heads what that scent is, can they really think of a picture?

‘Dog-Speak’ important for social bonding between pet and owner

Scientists at the University of York have shown that using ‘dog-speak’ to communicate with dogs is important in relationship-building between pet and owner, similar to the way that ‘baby-talk’ is t

Dogs of judge died in a hot car

Yesterday, on 10th June, mr. Peper judged at the Jahressieger of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV. The weather was lovely, sunny and hot.

Judge Peper suspended for now

At a show of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV Judge Peper left some dogs in his car. Because of the warm weather, this was fatal for at least one of the animals.

Undesired behaviour kills 33% of young dogs

New pioneering research reveals that dogs with undesirable behaviours, such as aggression, running away, fighting, over-excitability or barking, are more likely to die at a younger age.