It’s a sign

I may be hard of hearing, but I’m definitely not deaf. With my new hearing aid, I can hear more than I ever have before.

Many breeders of brachiocephalic dogs can expect a visit from authorities

As from now the NVWA, Dutch Authorities for Animal Welfare (amongst others)  can use the criteria drawn up by the University of Utrecht at a much more targeted level.

FDA warns for side-effects Bravecto, nexguard etc.

The US Food and Commodities Authority, FDA, states in a message that pet owners should be alert to anti-fleas and tick-based pesticides based on isoxazoline.

BokNal, South Korea annualy slaughters 5 million dogs

Yulin is by far the better known, but South Korea has its own dog festival: BokNal. To be precise Sambok / Boknal, and it is back to "three-day dog-eat feast."