• Hong Kong furieus over FCI-verbanning
  • Hong Kong furieus over FCI-verbanning
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Hong Kong outraged by FCI-expulsion

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 13:38

The Hong Kong Kennel club is furious at the FCI, after the international kynological association made public that it has removed Hong Kong with immediate effect not only from the list of member-kennelclubs, but also immediately blocked the access to the private section for members on the website for the HKKC. 

This is because the FCI is diametrically opposed to its own decision (taken at the November general meeting in Leipzig, in which was decided that Hong Kong would be a member until January 1, 2019. The exclusion of the HKKC by the FCI was announced in the circulaire of February 2, last Friday. Cindy Lee, chairlady of the HKKC, said:. "We are outrageous by such an irresponsible, unreasonable, disrespectful and bullying act of the FCI".

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On 27th November, the FCI officially announced the decision to terminate the membership of the HKKC, referring to the decisions of the general assembly in  Leipzig, and the date of 1 January 2019. The fact that the HKKC has already been excluded is, according to Lee, another sign that the FCI is headed by "a group of people with selfish motive" and is not led according to the statutes of the FCI. The removal of Hong Kong, even without the FCI taking the trouble to let the HKKC know in advance, without a single statement explaining the statutory correctness of such an action, according to Lee, is a one-sided breach of the agreement.

In addition, the CKU (the China Kennel Union) would contact Hong Kong about transferring tasks, but in three months time no action has been taken to talk to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong also holds the FCI responsible for all damages and claims arising from this unilateral measure. "We reckoned every act you did on us was with the endorsement of your legal advisors”, says Lee.

The HKKC also will protest against the exclusion as a member. That will happen later this year.

Dogzine has asked the FCI to comment on the matter.