• Allemagne: interdiction des expositions pour les chiens présentant des caractéristiques qui nuisent au bien-être
  • Germany: No shows for dogs with extreme harmful features
  • Duitsland: showverbod voor honden met kenmerken die welzijn schaden
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Germany: No shows for dogs with extreme harmful features

Tue, 08/18/2020 - 00:02

After France and Flanders, Germany is also introducing stricter legislation

After France, Germany is now also tightening up the laws for dog owners. A federal law is in preparation. For breeders, this means that the brood breeding seems to be tackled, for example, breeders may care for a maximum of three bitches with puppies at the same time.

A ban on show has been proposed for dogs with exaggerated characteristics that negatively affect welfare. France also proposed something similar, although they opt for compulsory sterilization of hypertypes. The German exhibition ban is intended to remove the breeding incentive for dogs with unhealthy traits and to decrease the demand for such dogs. In addition, the exhibition ban is easier for the authorities to monitor, since the animals are actually visible. A difficult prognosis regarding the characteristics of the offspring does not apply. The legislative amendment also includes hereditary defects and characteristics, such as body parts or organs that are missing or unsuitable for proper use and therefore cause pain, suffering or damage. But also behavioral disorders that arise from the disorders, or that cause species-specific contact with conspecifics to lead to pain or avoidable suffering or damage to themselves or a congenerate. If certain postures arise from pain caused by hereditary defects, the show ban also applies. Responsible Minister Julia Klöckner says: “Animals are not there to fulfill the questionable aesthetic desires of their owners. They are not mascots. If breeding prevents any behavior that is appropriate for the species, it is cruelty to animals. of animals with Qualzucht already banned here - and yet it still happens. I want to end that: I will ban the display of dogs with breeding characteristics that hinder animal welfare. This is an effective lever to remove incentives for such breeding. and to protect the animals as best as possible. "

In addition to the rule that there may be a maximum of three litters at the same time, the breeder is also required to interact actively with the puppies for at least four hours a day. This applies not only to professional breeders, but also to the ordinary hobby breeder.

There is a lot of attention in the press for the “gassi-pflicht”, the obligation to take a walk twice a day. That is something more, by the way. Under the proposal, a dog should be allowed to move outside a kennel at least twice a day for a total of at least one hour (e.g., walking, exercising in the yard, etc.). This is to ensure that dogs get enough exercise and contact with environmental stimuli in the future. Incidentally, this is a recommendation that must be elaborated in the laws of the various Bundesländer. Chain dogs are banned. Klöckner: “Pets are not stuffed animals - their needs have to be taken into account. It is important to ensure that dogs are kept in a species-specific manner. For example, that they exercise enough and are not left alone for too long. We are now aligning their attitude with the recommendations of experts. In this way we ensure an improvement of animal welfare and animal welfare. “Dogs should no longer be alone all day long.

Specifically due to the return of the wolf, the rules for herd guard dogs are changed. They no longer have an obligation to have shelter, provided there is sufficient protection to provide some shelter from weather conditions. There will also be additional rules for the training of such dogs.

The law should go into effect early next year, after review by parliament.

Duitsland: showverbod voor honden met kenmerken die welzijn schaden