Germany: No shows for dogs with extreme harmful features

After France and Flanders, Germany is also introducing stricter legislation

Anger in Portugal over police crackdown on fire in asylum

Anger at keeping rescuers away from burning shelter, 52 dogs and 2 cats dead, 190 animals rescued. (update below the article)

Coronavirus affects the dogworld (update 13-3)

The COVID-19 virus is seriously affecting the world of cynology

Spayed bitches more often suffer from incontinence

Castrated bitches have a three times higher chance of becoming incontinent than intact bitches. This appears from research published in England earlier this year.

Help the Saint Bernard with research!

The Saint Bernard, like every breed, has a number of problems.

Many breeders of brachiocephalic dogs can expect a visit from authorities

As from now the NVWA, Dutch Authorities for Animal Welfare (amongst others)  can use the criteria drawn up by the University of Utrecht at a much more targeted level.

Snails: French heartworm poses a big risk for your dog

The heavy rains of the past weeks has everywhere created a real snail infestation. Snails with house as without house are in large numbers  present in gardens, fields and so on.

Do not underestimate the grass spikes. See the surgery.

It is the time of the year: grass spikes! Nasty spikes that come from a wild grass species that grows about everywhere and can cause a lot of misery very quickly in dogs.

Agression likely caused by hormones

Why do some dogs become aggressive, or do they exhibit aggressive behavior when they are on a leash? Scientists in Washington think they have found the statement: hormones.

Dogs can learn to stand heat

Heatstroke,  a phenomenon that means one gets ill because of exposure to heat. It has been known for centuries, but how does it works fysically was by no means clear.