Dogzine, kritisch en gedreven, voor de hondenliefhebber van nu

Some people are incorrigible. Because a few days ago the 51-year-old Abdelkrim S.

The Zero Tolerance policy with regard to dogs in cars, which started in Amsterdam during the WDS 2018, will become an international standard.

Just a few days, and then the eyes of all pedigree dog lovers settle on Amsterdam, the World Dog Show 2018. On Thursday the Benelux Winner, and then the World Championships for three days.

For dog lovers actually no news, but a confirmation what every dog ​​lover already knew.

Small dogs are more likely to lie about their size. This is shown by a recently published survey of the height of the marker.

New pioneering research reveals that dogs with undesirable behaviours, such as aggression, running away, fighting, over-excitability or barking, are more likely to die at a younger age.

Only a few people in the world of Dutch (and Dachshund) cynology may not have heard it, the confiscation of 150 dachshunds due to neglect of two teckel breeders, at the same address, acting under t

The autumn exhibition of the Federation Cynologique Luxembourgouise, the show in Luxembourg, will not take place.

If you have a dog from a national breed that is officially recognized in another country, you can now register it in the NHSB.

At a show of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV Judge Peper left some dogs in his car. Because of the warm weather, this was fatal for at least one of the animals.

Yesterday, on 10th June, mr. Peper judged at the Jahressieger of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV. The weather was lovely, sunny and hot.

151 dogs were confiscated yesterday in French-speaking Belgium, in the town of Remicourt.

In Belgium, indignation arose after two illegally imported "Pomerians"  were put to sleep by order of the government. The two animals were taken from the Ukraine by a female resident of Mouscron.