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Do not underestimate the grass spikes. See the surgery.

mer, 07/31/2019 - 12:54

It is the time of the year: grass spikes! Nasty spikes that come from a wild grass species that grows about everywhere and can cause a lot of misery very quickly in dogs. A spike is a serious problem and should be seen as an emergency.

The prickly spikes will dry out once they have ripened and then fall off. The spikes have tiny barbs so that they attach themselves to anything that comes along. And these are often clever dogs unfortunately. Due to he barbs  the spike itself gets deeper with every movement, as if it were moving, with the tip of the seed facing forward. Due to the barbs there is only one direction possible. The small, sharp tip pierces rapidly and often unnoticed through the skin, then the dog will shake to get rid of the thing. Unfortunately, by shaking and crabbing the spike is only getting deeper..

grasaren droogGrass Spikes will mainlyenter the body between the toes of the dog , but the nose is favorite. And actually all tight spots might be favorite, even under armpits and tail, and also the ears. Sometimes even the little crawlers are found in eyes. The spikes may even feind their way into a vein  and ultimately lead to misery and even death. It is therefore of the utmost importance to take action as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the further the spike will enter nose, ear or elsewhere in the body.

Often the problem is only noticed when the spike is already pretty deep  inside, with all its consequences. So watch out: check the dog after each walk  around the head and legs. If possible trim the hairs a bit shorter there.

Video is subtitled in English.