• Vergiftigde hond of niet? Leipzig 2017
  • Vergiftigde hond of niet? Leipzig 2017
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A dog poisoned or not? Leipzig 2017

mar, 07/30/2019 - 13:41

With over 33,000 entries and about 70,000 visitors Leipzig was the largest World Dog Show ever. An extensive report will be published in Dogzine number 5. But,  with thousands of people and dogs in one place for days, it is almost impossible to avoid incidents, and especially thanks to social media they tend to look more important then the show itself.

One of the incidents was the case of the "poisoned" Ovcharka from Ukraine. The dog named Artemis fell down aside the ring after the judging. The Ukrainian owners insisted the animal is poisoned by an injection in the ring. "We just returned from the German clinic, which is terrible, but that is another story, thanks to the doctor and his assistant at the show who resuscitated Artemis for two and a half hours. (...) This is a critical time. All doctors agreed that the anaphylactic shock was caused by poisoning, it is probably through a needle in the ring, we really need images from our ring, tomorrow we get a tape to start with, these creatures must be punished!" (Translation from Russian).

The organization has serious doubts about this explanation after consulting the vet involved. The dog was examined and treated by the vet at the show named dr. Jähnig. "The dog was completely exhausted and dehydrated, it was given lots of hydration and medication to get it on its feet again. The head of medicals was called in and there has been extensive consultation as to whether or not the dog had to be confiscated due to its “mangelhafter versorgung", a clear lack of care. " The owner insisted however that the dog was poisoned through an injection, so in the end they were allowed to keep the animal with them. The next day it was walking about sound and healthy again "and this also contradicts this so-called poisoning", the German spokesperson of the VDH said. The owners are advised to file a report so that the police can view the video images. The organization says so far no action was taken by the owners, at least as far as is known up to now. Dogzine has approached the owners of the dog to ask about this but so far hasn’t heard back from them yet.

THe Ovcharka, source foto Facebook


The report was made in a private group on Facebook. The organization states they are unaware of this happening. announces that this is unknown to them. "der Amtsveterinär Becker war fast ganztägig vor Ort." Das Behauptete hat sich nicht bewahrheitet, es wurde keine Verstöße gegen das Tierschutzgesetz festgestellt."  (Our official mr Becker was almost all day present at the site. This claim was found not to be true, no violations against animal welfare were found).

The truck, source foto Facebook

And finally there was the Italian Staffordshire Terrier named "Sieg Heil". This young dog, a white Amstaff from Italy, was entered in the male juvenile class. Especially in Germany this name is remarkable. According to the Italian pedigree, the full name is POLITI MAGRO SIEG HEIL, breeder and owner is Mauro Ventura. Although the dog is regularly successful at Italian shows in the region around Rome, and also was entered using its full name at the ENCI Winner in June this year, it is striking how little can be found about this specific dog or owner.

Catalogue Saturday WDS Leipzig

Nevertheless, the organization frowned upon questions about this specific name. A German owner would not get away with this, references to the Nazi past are a legal offense in Germany. However, according to the organization this does not apply to foreign dogs and owners. Nevertheless, as the organization says, this name has slipped through the (massive, 33,000 dogs) electronic registration. In manual processing the owner certainly would have received a phone call. The organization is also considering developing a filter for electronic registration in order to be able to filter out such names in the future. The dog itself played no significant role. The Italian judge Salvatore Tripoli rewarded it with a “Very Good” and no placement. Dogzine did try to find the owner but didn’t succeed.