• Coronavirus krijgt grip op kynologie
  • Coronavirus krijgt grip op kynologie
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Coronavirus affects the dogworld (update 13-3)

ven, 03/13/2020 - 13:53

The COVID-19 virus is seriously affecting the world of cynology

A map with all changes and cancellations in Europe can be found below the article...

The current corona virus, which leads to Covid-19 disease, may or may not be transmitted by dogs and not be contagious to dogs, it does affect the cynology. Not only in China, where public meetings have been canceled almost everywhere, it is also starting to show its effects closer.

The list of measures and cancellations is getting longer every day. Below we supplement it as current as possible. at the bottom of a map with all the shows about which more is known (with us, we will continue to add).

[Update 14-3] Spain has cancelled all shows and events untill the end of April. Also, uxembourg decided tonight that the show on March 11/12 will be postponed to a later date.

[Update 13-3]

BREAKING: Dutch government prohibits until March 31, all meetings with more than 100 people, including (sports) competitions and others. It is unclear which shows / events are canceled because of this, but keep this in mind !!

The following applies for all of Belgium: all events / competitions (including BH tests, Soc tests, etc.) are canceled, clubs with a catering operation may not open them; training / courses and meetings are canceled. These measures apply from Friday 13 March 2020 24:00 hr to Friday 3 April 2400 hr. You can also find all Board of Directors cancellations in the images below this article.

Breaking: The World Dog Show will be postponed to July, so it will NOT go through in April. New dates are July 9-12, 2020. The FCI has already agreed.

The World dog Show continues (despite), despite rumors on Facebook, but is already in consultation with the FCI and the exhibition organization to look for alternative data. It is expected that the WDS cannot go ahead in April. We will continue to follow it closely.

The Dutch Newfoundlander Club has decided to discontinue all (regional) activities until April 1. This also applies to the breeders' meeting. The Dutch Labrador Association canceled the OWT on Saturday March 21 in Spaarnwoude and the OWT on March 28 in Langbroek! The "Serious Dogwalk" from March 22 has been moved to October. The European Nursery Championship (for Border Collies) in Heteren today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow has been canceled. The Havanese Club canceled the breeders meeting on March 14.

The Greyhound Racing Association has canceled all events until March 31. This applies to Rotterdam, Een and Spaarndam. The club advises individual associations to stop training.

Dogshow Goes says that the government measures will have no effect on the show in Goes for the time being. As of today, this will continue as usual. In Belgium, the Kynologists Association St. Rombouts announces that the training will be canceled until March 31, the General Meeting of Members (March 20, 2020) will be moved to a later date. The Maneblussers Cup, which is scheduled for April 13, 2020, is currently set to continue.

In Germany, the show -after Offenburg- in Chemnitz will also be canceled on March 28 and 29. In Germany, the rule applies that if the show is not made up at a later date, the organization may withhold up to 50% of the entry fee to cover costs incurred. In Poland, the kennel club has announced that all shows have been canceled before at least March. The show on March 21 and 22 in Riga (Latvia), which was scheduled to continue, has now been postponed to June 13 and 14.

The Norwegian Lundehund seminar on April 24-26, 2020 in Norway is also canceled.

[update 12-3] And again events have to be added to the cancellation list.

In general, traveling to the Czech Republic and Slovakia is not possible for the next two weeks, with or without dogs. These countries are locked. Negative travel advice applies to Madrid due to a large number of infections.

Changes are also being made in the sport of hunting. The club diploma day of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club Netherlands on March 28 has been canceled, as has the Workingtest of the Golden Retriever Club on April 5. In France, the show in Maubeuge has been postponed, which now takes place on June 20 and 21.

As was expected after the announcement by the cabinet, the Dogshow Rijnland was canceled in Hazerswoude. The American Shepherd Club Netherlands has no specific cancellations yet, but does refer to the website for current affairs, and can cancel everything if necessary. The Jump for Joy Agility competition in Wormerveer on March 29 has been canceled. KC Venray will keep the instructor room closed for the time being, students are requested to go home as soon as possible after the training. The show in Angers (F) has been canceled. Not because of the fear of the virus, or because the government wanted it, but because the organization received threat calls if the show went on. The show on April 18 and 19 in Chateauroux is also canceled. In Denmark, the offices of the kennel club DKK close, and all meetings, lectures and events and training for the period of 14 days after now are canceled. In Norway, the shows in Bergen (April 18/19) and Alesund (May 10) have now also been canceled. The CACIB show in Lyon has been canceled, the show in Luxembourg later decides whether or not to continue. In Maribor, Slovenia, the April 18 CACIB show has been canceled, and the Nova Gorica show has been postponed to August 8-10. And Barje, Sempeter, Pohorje and Vrbjlene have all moved a few months.

The Swedish Kennel Club is already canceling le meetings where more than 500 people come. Smaller events can also be canceled, the individual organization decides on that. The international exhibition in Malmö from 28-29 March 2020 will be canceled due to the government's decision. Sydskånska Kennelklubben, the exhibition organizer, will publish more information on its website in the near future. ALVs of breed clubs can be postponed without disciplinary measures, they do not have to take place before May 31st. The Board has decided to cancel a BPH conference on March 14-15 and the breeders conference on March 21-22. Judges who would be in office abroad may cancel these agreements without disciplinary measures from the SKK.

Besides cancellations, there are also other problems. For example, a judge had to go to home quarantine for 14 days before he was allowed to enter the country on the way to Minsk (the show just goes on there a weekend) on arrival in Belarus. Or on the next flight back (which the judge has done). In this way, shows with foreign judges that continue will cause all kinds of problems with the inspections.

The breed association of the Drentse Patrijshond has canceled the breeding day a Friday.

In Hungary at least the show in Pécs (March 14-15) and the show in Békéscsaba (April 4-5) have been canceled. No final decision has yet been made on Szilvásvárad. The show in Szilvasvarad has been moved to August 20,21 and August 22.

In Estonia, the shows in Narva (March 14-15) and Talinn (March 21-22) are NOT canceled. "There are no dogs (owners) from risk areas, the risk of infection is low, so the Estonian Kennel Club. The Kennel Club says the same in Latvia, the show in Riga (March 21) will continue. The board meeting of the Estonian kennel club canceled tonight.

In Iceland, a breeder symposium will be canceled this weekend.

Austria reports the cancellation of the club show in Wittau on April 25 and 26.

In Spain it has just been announced that the show in Asturias will not take place on April 4 and 5, it is now being held - subject to reservation - on September 12 and 13.

Note: even smaller events are canceled. Tonight's teeth-cleaning workshop at veterinary practice De Kempen has been canceled. That practice is in Veldhoven. Furthermore, the (first of the season) National Coursing Contest on the Ronostrand has been canceled on March 21.

[update 11-3] The organization of the world Dog Show in Madrid (April 2020) announces that it is in close contact with health organizations. A statement on Facebook says: "The RSCE and IFEMA (the trade fair, ed.) Are working closely with health authorities on everything related to the Coronavirus COVID19 outbreak. We understand the concerns of exhibitors and visitors and ask them to be patient and waiting for all official information to be reported through our channels We want to ensure that the World Dog Show 2020 is held in Madrid in optimal conditions of safety and well-being for dogs, exhibitors, judges and visitors In Tomelloso On March 20, 21 and 22, the XXV Cup Work for Utility Dogs of the CSCE has been postponed to a later date.

The Board of Directors has canceled the Fokkerscafé in Waalwijk. "For tomorrow evening, Thursday March 12, a FokkersCafé was planned at KV Waalwijk.

In close consultation with KV Waalwijk and in view of the recent advice for events in North Brabant, we have decided to cancel these. (...) We will plan a new date for the FokkersCafé at KV Waalwijk. " of the Golden Retriever Club Netherlands has decided to cancel the General Members' Meeting on Wednesday March 25 and move it to June 17.

The University of Hong Kong made a good, informative video about infection and dogs. In Belgium, the government advises, but does not prohibit, events with more than 1,000 visitors. "It is not a ban," said Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès, "it is a recommendation: to stop the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus, events with more than a thousand people are better canceled when they take place indoors." The federal government and the federal governments have no objection to anything that is organized outside. There is also no "ban" in the Netherlands, the Board of Directors says that for the time being all events can continue as long as there is no negative advice. However, the Executive Board calls for the measures of the RIVM to be followed (washing hands, sneezing in the inside of your elbow, etc.) and people who feel sick are urged to stay at home. It was just announced that "Weelde", the Schaal der Kempen, has been canceled after the weekend. The show in Rogaland (Norway on April 4 and 5) has also been canceled. The pug breed association in France just announced that their club match, the National d'Elevage, planned in Angers on March 21, is canceled.

Two shows are canceled in Ireland. It concerns the shows on March 14 and 15, and the "Patrick's Day" event on March 17. The intention is to keep these shows at a later time, when the situation around corona becomes clearer. Exhibitors can receive a letter from the cancellation to claim back any hotel and travel costs from the insurance.

The NKK, the Norwegian Kennel Club, announces that the Norwegian government advises against meetings with more than 500 people. Because of this, the show in Kristiansand which would take place on March 14 and 15 was canceled.

In Portugal the show in Caldas da Rainha has been canceled. Furthermore, in Portugal the shows / meetings in Celorico de Basto (29-03-2020) and Arruda dos Vinhos (04 / 05-04-2020) have been canceled, just like the (Cão de Parar) scheduled for 14/15 March and Elvas on April 18. The offices of the Portuguese kennel club are closed until the end of March, they work from home. The ALV of the CPC is also postponed.

The show in the Spanish Reus (March 14 and 15) has been postponed and is now being held on June 13 and 14.

In the Czech Republic, the government has announced emergency measures, unless they are withdrawn "quickly", the show in Ostrava will also be postponed on April 4. In Slovakia, the show on April 4 and 5, the Victory show, will be postponed to a date to be determined. Registrations for the old date remain valid on the new date.

In Romania, all shows are canceled until April 30. That announces the president of the Romanian Kennel Club on the site. In Ukraine, the show in Uzhgorod has been canceled. The show in Pécs will not take place in Hungary on 14 and 15 March. Once again in Spain, the monograph of the Terrier Club will be canceled on March 14. In far Kyrgyzstan, the show will also be canceled, in Bishkek on April 11 and 12. In Croatia, the Rottweiler cluv show Bilogora Winner and Croatian Klubsieger have been canceled.

In Croatia, the show in Umag was canceled on March 28. A breeding seminar scheduled to be held in Zagreb on March 14 is also canceled. The double show in Pula / Rovinj on April 4 and 5 will also be canceled. Croatia is close to the hard-hit regions in Northern Italy. The Italian kennel club ENCI announces that all offices of the organization throughout Italy are closed from now on, and all dog events throughout the Italian territory have been postponed until further notice. The offices of the Hungarian kennel club are also closed.

[update 10-3] In France, most dog shows are still running, but shows can be canceled at any time, including at the request of the local authorities, including just before the show. In Offenburg, Germany, the international dog and cat exhibition "Ortenau-Schau" was canceled this weekend due to corona. The organization is looking for a new date, and cannot say anything about refunds of the registration fee. The organization of the show in Weelde (Belgium) this weekend just announced that "Weelde", the scale of the Kempen, will continue.

The show in Maubeuge (France) takes place under different rules: Only exhibitors are allowed to enter, but only one hour before the inspection for their breed starts. Dogs that do not conquer a place in the main ring must immediately "go home" after inspection, at least out of the exhibition space, shaking hands is not allowed and dental inspection is done by the handler, not the judge. And visitors are prohibited, all exhibitors and judges. The same rules also apply to the show in Angers. The Montlucon show has just been canceled. Because many organizations have already purchased hotel nights, flights and other matters, it is often unclear whether the entrance fees will be returned. The planned show in Ales (southern France) will also continue with an adjusted regime, for example, in addition to the aforementioned measures, many varieties will be inspected outside. This is usually possible on March 31 in the South of France. was canceled in the evening on March 11.

Gibraltar (show in October) has (temporarily) halted the registration process (registration would be from May 1) pending the Corona virus. In Austria, Salzburg has canceled the next dog show. The event, on March 28 and 29, attracts more than 100 people, and the government bans indoor events until April 1 with more than 100 participants. In Switzerland the 4R-Clubschau (varieties from group 9 in particular), which was to be held on April 5 in Thun, has been canceled.

In the Netherlands, the General Members' Meeting was postponed to a time to be determined later, after a lecture by the Yorkshire and Biewer Terrier Friends Club on Saturday 14 March.

[update 9-3] The Minister of Health in France has banned all meetings with more than 1,000 people with immediate effect. That means that all dog shows in France will NOT continue for the time being, at least ... the show in Colmar has been canceled, in Angers (231-22 March ) everything will continue as usual, but no visitors other than the exhibitors will be admitted. It is therefore important for French people to pay close attention. The shows in Belgium and Luxembourg will also continue as yet. In France, 1,126 people are infected. 19 people, mainly the elderly, have died.

- The collection of more than 1000 people in France is prohibited. This was announced on Sunday evening by Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. "The Prefects, Ministries will compile a list of events considered useful to the life of the nation. I would like to point out that the events will be part of it, as will the competitions or the use of public transport."

The International Sheep Dog Society organizes world cup competitions in September. The organization keeps a close eye on the situation and is considering canceling the matches.

[Update 5-3] Two of the main sponsors of Crufts have asked their staff not to attend the show for fear of being infected with the corona virus. Royal Canin UK and James Wellbeloved have told staff to stay away from major events "unless business critical". The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) has also decided not to be present this year. A spokesman for Mars Petcare UK, the parent company of Royal Canin UK and James Wellbeloved, said the company had a "responsibility" to protect the health of its staff and prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, the company has "decided to limit international travel and not participate in major events until March 31 unless it is business critical," the BBC reported.

[update 4-1] In Taiwan, pets can also be tested for the presence of the coronavirus, owners will be notified within 24 hours. This is reported by the Ministry of Health in Taiwan. However, the ministry adds that the test is most likely unnecessary, because pets do not yet get sick from Corona.

[update 3-3] In Australia, 9News reports that veterinarians are approached by people in panic who want to put their dog to sleep because of the coronavirus. People have become frightened after the Hong Kong message (see below) of an "infected" dog. Veterinarians are now trying to explain to people that there is as yet no indication that dogs can get sick from the (human) coronavirus or transmit the disease. Other sources do report that greyhounds imported into the state of Victoria should now be quarantined, however, this could be related to an outbreak of another disease, not COVID-19.

For veterinarians and animal rights experts, there is a bigger problem than the possible spread of coronavirus to pets: the spread of fear.After the announcement that the Hong Kong dog tested positive last week, the Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP) - a group that is helping relocate animals in Hong Kong - to the government and said the announcement caused "a huge amount of panic".

[update 28-2] The Dutch shows cannot escape preventive measures either. For the Martinidogshow this weekend in Groningen there are additional measures: "There will be special disinfection columns at the entrances and exits where people can disinfect their hands. The rings are all equipped with disinfectant for the judge and the ring staff. It has been decided in consultation with the Board of Directors to cancel the participation of the Italian exhibitors.

In the rings, the protocol recommended by the FCI is followed. This does not mean shaking hands. Opening the dog's mouth, when showing the teeth, is done by the exhibitor instead of the judge ".

In Belgium, Italian exhibitors will not be banned from the show next Saturday and Sunday in Weelde, but the organization does state that: "In consultation with the board, products will be placed with us to disinfect your hands. Like on the toilets, in the rings and the entrance. "

A dog, a pet, was found in Hong Kong with traces of the coronavirus in its nose and mouth. The dog itself is not ill and does not show any symptoms. The dog's owner is in the hospital with Covid-19. The dog stays in a shelter.

[update 27-2] This weekend also the CACIB show takes place in Graz, Austria. But this time, Italian exhibitors and visitors should stay at home, according to Mayor Siegfried Nagl's (ÖVP) office. The reason is the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in northern Italy, and there are already first cases in Austria. A municipal crisis team has decided to do this. The organizers of the show, incidentally, agreed.

Today Crufts also announces that exhibitors and others from areas affected by corona in Italy are not welcome. The English health service st forbids that. These are the areas of Lombardy, Veneto, and the area around Pisa, Rimini and Florence. The exhibitors get their money back (Italy is most of the time purveyor to most foreign dogs) and Crufts therefore apologizes, next year they will of course be welcome again.

In Rijeka, Croatia, the upcoming CACIB show to be held next weekend has been canceled. The Croatian kennel club is still in consultation with the FCI to allow the show to take place later this year. On February 23, the Sportski Kinoloski Klub Rijeka reported that the situation was closely monitored and consulted with experts, two days later the club announced that they were not clarified via the authorities about the protocol to follow and therefore had decided independently cancel the show. Health of the participants comes first.

Crufts also reports extra protection for employees in connection with the epidemic. For the time being, Crufts will continue as normal. As far as we can see, there are no cancellations in other European countries either. The Belgian kennel club KMSH announces that it does not take any special measures, protocols or precautions. In a week and a half there will be a big show in Weelde. Whether special protocols are being prepared in the Netherlands is not known, this weekend there will be a large double show in Groningen. For the record, neither in Belgium nor in the Netherlands are people currently infected with the coronavirus as far as is known. The actual severity of the coronavirus (there is talk of a 2-3% fatal outcome, especially among high-risk groups such as the elderly and small children, all in all no more serious than the flu for the time being) is not yet sufficiently clear. The virus does seem more contagious than regular flu viruses.

Back to China again, both the Asian section of the FCI and the FCI themselves have expressed their support and condolences regarding the Corona virus towards the China Kennel Union. The CKU itself has used the virus outbreak to lash out hard at Taiwan. A statement by a Taiwanese "examiner" (translated from Chinese) would be contrary to the principle of an undivided China, the fact that China does not recognize Taiwan as a separate nation, according to the CKU. The CKU wants to ban Yu Wuping for life from CKU shows and events. The highly political and nationalist letter from the CKU continues with “CKU and its members and Chinese dog friends know that it is the incumbent responsibility and obligation of every Chinese citizen to resolutely maintain the unification of the motherland! Hold zero tolerance on issues that hurt the Chinese people's emotions and damage the territorial integrity of the country! National dignity should not be trampled on, and territorial sovereignty must not be violated! We will resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty and dignity and stand with the motherland! ”

[update 27-2] The FCI announced today that it is not issuing general measures, which is limited to local circumstances. That can mean that shows and other dog events are canceled. However, the FCI states that "The usual interpersonal body contacts such as shaking hands and other superficial contact between participants, exhibitors and judges should be avoided and should not be construed as an unfriendly attitude. The FCI also recommends that judges do not check the dogs' teeth themselves but instead should ask exhibitors for help. The FCI also recommends that inspectors disinfect their hands more often. " The latter also applies to all exhibitors, visitors, staff and judges.

We will update this article where necessary, if there is additional information.



Coronavirus krijgt grip op kynologie