FCI: Smoke curtain around "own blog" against Yulin and cruelty

Both friends and enemies were highly surprised today when a posting done by FCI-president Rafael de Santiago showed up on a Facebook page called 

Accusation China Kennel Union is "misunderstanding"

A letter in which both an FCI-judge and the vice-president of the Dutch Kennel club were fiercly charged was sent by the China Kennel Club several months ago. 

A dog poisoned or not? Leipzig 2017

With over 33,000 entries and about 70,000 visitors Leipzig was the largest World Dog Show ever. An extensive report will be published in Dogzine number 5.

FCI Show-commission has a new board

Sponsored by the Portuguese Clube Portugues de Canicultura, CPC, the annual meeting of the "Shows commission" of the FCI was held last weekend.

Ministry of Agriculture forbids Autumn Dogshow in Luxembourg

The autumn exhibition of the Federation Cynologique Luxembourgouise, the show in Luxembourg, will not take place.

Amsterdam 2018 breaks all records

Paris had 21,600, Leipzig had "over than 31,000", and Amsterdam? Yes, the record is broken (yet again), for the World Dog Show 2018 and the Benelux Winner, in total 33,500 dogs have registered.

FCI: Zero Tolerance policy will be implied worldwide

The Zero Tolerance policy with regard to dogs in cars, which started in Amsterdam during the WDS 2018, will become an international standard.