Anger in Portugal over police crackdown on fire in asylum

Anger at keeping rescuers away from burning shelter, 52 dogs and 2 cats dead, 190 animals rescued. (update below the article)

Genetic testing gone wild

By Caroline Coile

BokNal, South Korea annualy slaughters 5 million dogs

Yulin is by far the better known, but South Korea has its own dog festival: BokNal. To be precise Sambok / Boknal, and it is back to "three-day dog-eat feast."

Snails: French heartworm poses a big risk for your dog

The heavy rains of the past weeks has everywhere created a real snail infestation. Snails with house as without house are in large numbers  present in gardens, fields and so on.

Exclusive dog friendly beach and bar opens in Croatia

No longer do family dogs have to stay at home whilst you enjoy your holiday in the sun.

Stop the genocide on the Great Dane

"Mr. Santiago, do your duty and protect the Great Dane.

Russian Army starts to use cloned dogs

In the Netherlands the cloning of a pet dog created quite a rumour, in Russia they take things a step further.

Yulin , only vague rumours about a ban on Dog meat

For a moment the dog world was relieved.

Conspiracy at FCI on Hongkong-memberschip

Can the Kennel Club of Hong Kong remain a member of the FCI or not, and is the China Kennel Union legitimately admitted as a member of the FCI?  

De Santiago re-elected President of the FCI

For the third time, Rafael de Santiago has been elected unanimously as President of the Federation Cynologique International, the FCI. The Puerto Rico Kennel club made that public a few hours ago.

Hong Kong outraged by FCI-expulsion

The Hong Kong Kennel club is furious at the FCI, after the international kynological association made public that it has removed Hong Kong with immediate effect not only from the list of member-ken

The truth about hypo-allergenic dogs

Coughing, sneezing, red eyes, running noses until total asthma attacks. Because of the presence of a dog.

Powerbreeds: the Spanish rules

In many EU countries the law provides rules for so-called “high risk dogs”, aka powerbreeds.