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Shepherd dogs more often fight amongst each other

Mon, 07/29/2019 - 16:43

Shepherds, dogs from FCI group 1, are more often intolerant, causing fighting in the pack. This is one of the findings from a survey survey conducted by Dogzine a few months ago. Also terriers and dogs from group 2 often have serious arguments. Hunting dogs, on the other hand, have seldom fights amongst each other.

There still seems to be a taboo on what is called "inner household agression" in literature. Owners feel a certain shame to admit that their pack can not get along with each other. Or, as one of the respondents wrote, "It feels like a license of incompetence that you could not dare to let your bitches together now that would go well together beforehand. As if you failed as an 'educator'. "However, very little research has been done on aggression within the own pack, even while a previous English study shows that it occurs in 8-10% of all multiple dogs households . Moreover, according to the Dogzine research, most conflicts are almost always very serious conflicts, often "until death".

Mutual aggression is mainly present between bitches, in males it is much less and male-female combinations that do not get together are least represented.
The mutual struggle is rarely from the start that the dogs are together, usually it occurs after long periods. Solutions prove difficult, and behavioral therapy hardly seems to improve the situation. The majority of people therefore choose to keep the dogs separate, or to remove one from the dogs that fight together from the pack totally.
The complete research can be read from May 15 in Dogzine volume 2 number 2. For more info look on  this page.