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NKK: Donate money for gold Card to dog welfare activists

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The Norwegian Kennel Club has politely rejected the so-called "Gold Card". The NKK did so in a letter dated July 13 to the Chinese Kennel Club CKU. The Norwegian Kennel Club has been particularly critical of the allocation of the World Dog Show to China (in 2019), mainly because China has large scale abuse of dogs. Also dogs are eaten, and therefore slaughtered in a barbaric way, especially during the now infamous Yulin festival.

The Norwegians find the gift, which is good for three nights in a five-star hotel for two people, not ethical. According to the letter, the money could be better spent to improve the welfare of dogs in China. According to the Norwegians it will cost the Chinese around 1,100 euros per card, 91 invited FCI members then add up to a total cost of 100,000 euros.

With that money, according to Norway, you can also hire a lobbyist to start a campaign against animal cruelty, give lectures or in other ways promote animal welfare in China.
Unfortunately, so say the Norwegians, we still have not heard anything from the CKU, no concrete measures or plan considering how they want to improve dog welfare. The money destined for Norway should therefore be given to another, now already active- animal welfare organization. The FCI and CKU should keep everybody  informed of the actions that are being taken, again to improve dog welfare.

Finally, the Norwegians call all Kennel Clubs to follow this step. The Dutch Kennel club has also previously been critical, and donated a sum of 5,500 euros to the Foundation by Mark Chang, as the Norwegians did too.

The FCI has not yet responded to the letter, nor has the CKU.

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