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Strict controls and measures for misbehaving at WDS 2018

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Leaving dogs in the car (regardless of the outside temperature), threatening, fighting? Not at the World Dog Show in about 2 weeks in Amsterdam. The organization announces a zero-tolerance policy, where immediate action is taken. Regardless of whether it concerns an exhibitor, handler or visitor.

From a misbehaving exhibitor / handler, the dogs are in any case immediately removed from the competition, and all points and titles already obtained are immediately withdrawn. That includes all dogs that the handler or exhibitor has registered. The dogs and the person are also immediately disqualified. Not only for the day itself, but for all show days.

The handler or exhibitor is also suspended, so that showing at coming shows for that person are not possible. And eventually the offense will come before the disciplinary court, with the aim of definitively disqualifying the person. Such disqualification applie internationally to all FCI-affiliated countries.

Sharp checks had already been announced, whereby the police will also check in the outdoor areas, together with people from the organization. The organization wants to avoid at all costs any repetitions of incidents such as in Luxembourg (but also elsewhere), .



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