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Dogs of judge died in a hot car


Yesterday, on 10th June, mr. Peper judged at the Jahressieger of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV. The weather was lovely, sunny and hot. During this event the judge left his three dogs in his car. At the moment this was found out it was too late for one of the animals. The other two were in a worrying condition.

The two vets present did what they could to help and save the dogs. Unfortunately one of them, a Skye terrier, died. The other two dogs were in very poor condition.

The organisation took immediate action and publically distanced itself from the way the judged acted.

verklaring PSK


A statement was posted online today which urgently asked for further assumptions and questions to be left out in order not to influence the course of events.

A formal complaint has now been filed with the VDH (German Kennel Club). The PSK, through their chairman, Klaas Leutermann, has announced that Mr Peper has a participation ban with immediate effect for all events of the PSK and is immediately suspended as a judge for the PSK events. The case is handed over to the VDH.