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Swap a puppy for a laptop? The sad results of trading-sites exposed.

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The international organization Four-Paws has investigated the illegal pet trade through sites like Ebay. And the results were quite shocking. The ad sites offer plenty of illegal animals but also sick animals.

And of course there is also plenty of irresponsible dog-sales on these sites. Hardly news for many of us,  because everyone knows that many commercial dogbreeders and dogtraders advertise shamelessly hiding under false names and addresses or use  straw men. Even the recently arrested puppybreeder in The Netherlands keeps advertising with ads like "healthy puppies raised in a home environment", etc. Also puppies from abroad, especially from Eastern Europe, imported illegaly without the right papers are advertised without any control on  the trading sites. Dutch organizations try to convince these sites like “Marktplaats” for quite some time now, but empty promises from the sites themselves is all they get, and illicit breeders and dealers write openly about their business.

Besides illegal and sick pups many animals are offered for very dubious deals -so Four-Paws- discovered. Pups that are exchanged for laptops or smartphones, dogs that are offered free of charge for dog fights. Also misleading advertising copy, false pedigree claims or descriptions, as well as promotional texts as "Puppies as ideal Christmas present", it all happens.

That this practice is a world-wide phenomena, in all eleven countries that were investigated Four Paws found similar results. The organisation  has now launched an international campaign, not only to get stories from victims, but also to collect signatures to submit to eBay, parent organization of many add-sites.. In the meantime Four-Paws developed the "Beast-and-Fraud-meter", which can rank add-sites based on a number of preventive measures.. Measures such as authentication, limit the number of ads for individuals, Pre-checking ads, etc. Check the results as seen above here fort he Netherlands for your own country in the link. The online petition and more information can be found on the campaign website of  Four-Paws.