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Survey into adverse effects of Bravecto

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Since the moment it was available Bravecto has stirred things up, and it wasn’t always in a good way. The product is being associated more and more with many and often severe side effects. At the same time we see a manufacturer and many vets prescribing the product without hesitation; worldwide about 34 billion doses were being sold according to the manufacturer.

Are those side effects for real? Are they maybe problems being causes by something else? In many cases no autopsy is being performed (when the dog dies) or isn’t it until much later owners realize there might be a connection with the product. That is why many complaints are never being reported (each year about 5,000 reports come in, which actually is not a lot considering the number of prescriptions).  It is not clear if any pattern at all is showing. Many of the side effects mentioned on social media are anecdotical, which means owners tell about what happened somewhere in a posting and give limited information.

Dogzine will make an effort to get a clearer view. Therefore we ask owners (and only owners, not hear say cases) to fill in our questionnaire as complete as possible. It doesn’t matter if the problems occurred yesterday or some years back and if you reported the problems or not. We will try to find out if any trends can be found in the responses. Are we talking small dogs, old dogs, could there be a link with any type of food?

If we get enough responses, the results will be analized and discussed by a team of professionals. If we get enough data we might find out more about the possible side effects of Bravecto (and Nexguard and Simpatico). Is it different from what the manufacturer tells us at the moment? Can we actually find a trend in what is happening? Or are the problems being causes by something completely different? At this moment all options are still open.
The questionnaire is available here.

Results will depend on the number of respondents.



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