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India: a pack of stray dogs kill elderly woman

stockfoto: strand bij Kerala

In the Indian state of Kerala a 65-year-old woman attacked was by a large pack of over 100 stray dogs and torn apart before the eyes of her son. The incident happened on the beach near Pulluvila. The woman was still alive when bystanders chased the dogs away, but died on the way to the hospital.

Bystanders, including her son, tried to save the woman but were also attacked by the dogs. The son was able to rescue himselve by diving into the sea. According to the son his mother went to the beach for a walk that night, but he became suspicious when she did not return.

That same night a pack of dogs also attacked another woman of 52, she survived the attack with several significant injuries.

In Kerala, the large numbers of stray dogs already are a problem for a longer period.  Authorities tell that the past two years more than 100,000 bite incidents have happened. The dogs feed off the local landfills. It is estimated that there are over 250,000 stray dogs in Kerala.

Following the incident, the local government has decided to accelerate the sterilization program. Dog Catchers try to catch the stray dogs and veterinarians then perform sterilization in special camps. In predominantly Hindu India the dog is a sacred animal, the messenger of the funerary god Yama. To euthanize the dogs is therefore not an option.