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Dogzine on the WDS 2018

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Just a few days, and then the eyes of all pedigree dog lovers settle on Amsterdam, the World Dog Show 2018. On Thursday the Benelux Winner, and then the World Championships for three days.

Of course Dogzine is there for four days. In our paper magazine later (around September 16) an extensive story, but also online we will report for four days. With daily interviews with exhibitors, visitors, employees, judges, kennel clubs etc. Atmosphere reports, all on video and in writing with photos. But also background stories, a look behind the scenes

Of course we also post a lot on Facebook and Twitter, so follow us there in the coming days (and beyond). Also stay informed as a home or occasional visitor of everything about (breed) dogs.

Are you on the WDS yourself? Feel free to contact us with questions, stories, the successes of your dog (s), and everything you want to tell. You can recognize us by the logo on our gray T-shirts.




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