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App gives control when the dog suffers from epilepsy

Screenshot app (nederlandse versie)

It has been in existence for two years, but is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, the Epilepsy Pet Tracker, an app for IOS and Android where dog owners can keep track of when, how and how severe their dog suffers from seizures .The app was launched in 2015 during National Epilepsy Week in England.

According to Holger Volk, professor of veterinary neurology and neurosurgery at the RVC and a leading researcher in the field of Canine Epilepsy, the app is a powerful tool in the fight against the most common neurological disease in dogs. "The big advantage for the owners is that they will gain control over a so far unpredictable, uncontrollable disease. In addition, the veterinarians will have a better understanding of the medication which is to be given to the dog, because they gain more insight in severity and frequency of the seizures. "

The Epilepsy Pet Tracker will not only help dogs in Europe, but also their owners, allowing them to regain control, both financially and emotionally. The medication reminders increases compliance of the owner. Because the seizures are now registered veterinarians can also gain more insight into the progress of the disease.

The free app is available in several languages, including of course English and German. Some knowledge is useful, such as what a focal seizure, a generalized seizure or a secondarily generalized seizure may be. Besides seizure registration the app also keeps track of when and which medication the dog is given, and has a lot of background information about epilepsy.

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