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The Dutch Kennelclub does not participate in the FCI General member’s meeting in Shanghai, China. This was announced by the Vice-President of the Board, mr.

Some people are incorrigible. Because a few days ago the 51-year-old Abdelkrim S.

Only a few people in the world of Dutch (and Dachshund) cynology may not have heard it, the confiscation of 150 dachshunds due to neglect of two teckel breeders, at the same address, acting under t

At a show of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV Judge Peper left some dogs in his car. Because of the warm weather, this was fatal for at least one of the animals.

Yesterday, on 10th June, mr. Peper judged at the Jahressieger of the German Pinscher Schnauzer Club 1895 eV. The weather was lovely, sunny and hot.

151 dogs were confiscated yesterday in French-speaking Belgium, in the town of Remicourt.

In Morocco, especially in the northern part of the tourist town of Agadir, massive amounts of stray dogs have been shot in recent weeks.

[updated 1 april 2018, 12.02 uur]

The General Secretary of the Kennel Club of Montenegro is heavily under fire on Facebook because the man would have shot a puppy.

Last May 119 animals were confisquated in Le Briqueterie; Saarlooswolfdogs, Csech wolfdogs and crosses of the two. Le Briqueterie is a kennel in the French Ardennes, run bu judge Cornelia Keizer.

It is a "modern-day-Haatchi story", the story of the German shepherd Capitano. For twelve years the faithful dog lay on the grave of his boss.

"Representatives will be telling if they are asked to indicate that we are dealing differently with these pets in the Netherlands than the practice in Korea turns out to be." The NOC / NSF said thi

Following the film "Lost in Paradise, the dogs of Curaçao", it was high time to arrange a personal interview with someone who participated in this on location.

This morning another wolf was spotted in the Netherlands, to be exact in Twente (in the east of the country).

In many EU countries the law provides rules for so-called “high risk dogs”, aka powerbreeds.