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This article is written in response to the misinformation and gene pool destructive genetic testing that is currently going on in the French Bulldog breed regarding degenerative myelopathy (DM).

It sounds dramatic, and it is. The NVWA has found the Brucellosis Canis bacteria in dogs in the Netherlands "for the first time" (as some newspapers put in their headline).

On 17th March the report was out everybody has been waiting for : there are stricter rules fr dog breeding. The tightened rules mainly relate to brachycehalic dogs.

The pug. A unique dog breed, one of the brachycephalic breeds, the short muzzled dogs. And there is a lot to do about those brachy dogs.

In the world of pug owners and breeders many people disagree about how to breed and what actions to take.

For dog lovers actually no news, but a confirmation what every dog ​​lover already knew.

In Belgium, indignation arose after two illegally imported "Pomerians"  were put to sleep by order of the government. The two animals were taken from the Ukraine by a female resident of Mouscron.

Although the number of cases so far is limited, the condition is on the rise. An eye infection in dogs, caused by worms.

Not only humans but also dogs can become infected with tularemia, a life-threatening disease for rabbits or rodents. The disease is more known here as the hare plague.

Give your dog a warm seat at  elderlyage, and let them sleep peacefully day in and day out. It is possible, but for him that is not the best.

Dogs are color blind, and can not distinguish between red and green. In other words, if you throw a red ball in a green field, dogs have trouble finding them.

People sometimes tend to think lightly on deworming, but it deserves more attention. The sad story of Loulou proves this point. Her owner gave us the permission to share her story.

Recently a publication came online about problems of which the researchers assumed they might occur in short muzzled breeds more often then known.

Many owners spay or neuter their dogs, an euphemism for a castration.

Since the moment it was available Bravecto has stirred things up, and it wasn’t always in a good way. The product is being associated more and more with many and often severe side effects.